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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Still life by Christine Page

Christine Page is offering us beautiful colors and harmonies in her still life captures. Beauty seems to be the main purpose here, added to a great sense of color harmonies and textures. It's classical and original in the same time.
Her flowers are completed with symbolic elements that give a special charm and romantic mood to her creations. Take a look, it's really superb.



Wednesday 14 September 2011

A french artist presents moody scanns


Our september artist is a french painter, photographer, musician AND scannographer : Jean-Louis Aubert.

His work is full of spirit, mood and strange ambiances. This artist is a complete talented one, managing various medias, he mixes his talents as well as his images.


The scanns he presentes us areof two kinds: raw scanns where he shows some natural and weird beauties, and, on the other hand, worked out montages he does from the initial raw scanns. It's strange how some of them don't look as scanns anymore. Jean-Louis has pushed the possibilities a bit further and this is one more good thing… You can also see more of his works on his own site.


Thursday 30 October 2008

Sharon Pazner - using scanner to create symbolic illustrations

Sharon has started recently to create images with her scanner. But she already has her very own style. Superb color harmonies in automnal colors reflect the mood of what she expresses in her works. Paper, nails, rusted metal are some of the elements she uses to create this work. Discover her work on our main site.
"Initially, I thought it would be an interesting means of presenting my 3-d paper art; subsequently, it proved to be even better than I had expected" she says.
skeleton keys
skeleton keys