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Sunday 9 June 2013

Call for informations

As you can all see I don't write a lot on this blog since a few months now. But I will soon be back more actively, I promise.

So if any amongst you is interested, finds interesting things, has something to say about scannography, the blog is open for you. I sometimes get informations but they are not prepared and as I have little time I don't use them (shame on me !).

So if you want things to appear on the blog, write the text exactly as it has to appear here, without enriching it. Prepare also the images on the right size (410 pixels large).

This site needs a bit of help. Please join in, jump, write, express yourself !!

See you soon… and read you soon I hope !

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Back on the board with Mary-Jo Fulton

We are still alive ! I was much too busy in the last months but scannography;org is stll alive (and kicking ?!) Today I present you Marie-Jo Fulton. She plays with portraits and hands and creates superb images. I hope you will take a look at them.


As I'm very busy these days I would appreciate if any amongst the readers of the blog wants to publish on it. It's easy : just send me your text and images through email, I'll do the rest

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Werner Abel's book

It's a superb object with a perfect layout and wonderful images.

Finally the book has passed frontiers. And it's worth having it in hand. Werner did a great job trying to explain what scannography is and how to practice it. Well the book is in german but it's worth having it in hand because it shows on paper what we all knew: the quality of the images.


The publisher added a few artists (jeff Mihalyo, Patri Feher, Jaime Ruas, Hercilia Lopes and more) at the end of the book to give a larger view and opening to the world of Scan-Art. For those interested you can order the book here. It's really worth the price. And it needs support.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Marsha Tudor's workflow

[Marsha| is participating on our site since a long time (well not that long as I created the site in april 2008).

She is now proposing a page where she explains her way of working. She gives lots of details, so this is an interesting page for newcomers to our media. It is also interesting as it allows to compare our own technics with hers. Don't miss it…


Sunday 26 June 2011

How many amongst us have managed to find a publisher ?

After a chat with Patri, I was just wondering if publishers, somewhere in this amazing world have had the courage to publish a book about scannography. I see that sometimes books use scannography for their image content (more and more when flowers or plants are concerned). I also see that sometimes books about new technics of capturing images or processing images, have a chapter that gives a place to our technic. But how many books are now devoted to scannography.
Being in France, I may miss lots of things that happen in the rest of the world, so if you can share your knowledge.
By the way, we have a page called "bibliography" on the site and it may need an update.

So please send me whatever book you know that is a real scannography book…

Sunday 2 January 2011

A happy New Scanning Year

All the best to everyone taking a look on these pages


Monday 27 December 2010

New artist for late december - Stewart Nelson

The artist for this month is finally on the site.

His name : Stewart Nelson. His work is mainly based on leaves and fronds and bright colors. Stewart doesn't hesitate to alter the natural colors to arrive at the result he wants. His images are strong, simple and appealing. Hs compositions focus mostly on one main element and that gives strength to the whole picture.



Stewart is a professional photographer living in Florida. And you can also take a look at his very graphic and interesting photographic works here.

Thursday 4 June 2009

Mac McArthur : playing with sculptures

Mac McArthur has collected sculptures from his numerous travels around the world. They are from all kind and all origins. But they all become part of his intimate creative world. He makes them his own by playing with their forms and colors on his scanner.


Poetic, futuristic and full of emotions, his images have a kind of melancholy inside them which gives them a profound sense of humanity aside a cold feel due to the stony matter.


Mac has done scannography for a few years now and you can discover more of his images on his gallery.
I hope you'll all appreciate this original artist…

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Happy New Year

I wish a merry Christmas to all scannographers throughout the world and to everyone else also, by the way !!! I would like that this community develops and that we, all together, because union makes force, reach some of our goals this year.


Thursday 30 October 2008

Sharon Pazner - using scanner to create symbolic illustrations

Sharon has started recently to create images with her scanner. But she already has her very own style. Superb color harmonies in automnal colors reflect the mood of what she expresses in her works. Paper, nails, rusted metal are some of the elements she uses to create this work. Discover her work on our main site.
"Initially, I thought it would be an interesting means of presenting my 3-d paper art; subsequently, it proved to be even better than I had expected" she says.
skeleton keys
skeleton keys

Friday 15 August 2008

What scanner do you use ?

I wanted to start this from the beginning. It is now time !! I wish to compare what kind of scanner we use to do our scanns. Here under you will find a list of questions I would like you to answer.

An example of the differences between scanners. I scanned this insect (lucanus cervus) with 2 different scanners and you can see the result is very different :
This one is with the Quato X-finity and covered with white paper. Not much depth of field but a good color depth.

This one is with the Epson 1670. Greater depth of field ! But I reworked the colors and contrast on that one…

Here is the questionnary in 16 points :

Please copy the questions and answer them on a mail to me

1. How many scanners do you own ?

2, What trademark and what model is it ?

3. What is the maximum resolution of it per inch (dpi) without interpolation ?

4. Is it enough for your scannography works ?

5. Do you know how much depth of field it has ?

6. Do you know what color depth it has ?

7. Is it a 3-pass or 1-pass scanner ?

8. Is it CCD or CIS ?

9. Do you use it unconventially (like not letting it on a flat surface, taking it outdoor…) ?

10. Do you use external light to enhance your scanning ?

11. Are you protecting the glass when scanning objects ?

12. How do you clean the glass ?

13. Do you rework your scanns or do you use the image as it comes out once scanned ?

14. What software do you use to rework your images ?

15. What kind of computer to do you use ?

16. Is there anything specific you want to add about your material ?

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Elena Kropaneva : our first russian scannographer

Elena Kropaneva lives in Russia, Ekaterinburg and studies for Masters at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. She creates superb scannographies, with dreamy, soft and feelingfull elements.

listening to a flower
sleeping angel

Elena was one of the first persons I took contact with, in april 2008, to start the site, she hadn't time then to prepare things, but her place was reserved and here she is. I'm glad to have one more person playing with portraits and giving a very faery side to them,. In a sense just the opposite of Liz Atkin. This confirms that this medium is able to transpose and express much different feelings depending on who plays with the technic.

Please go to the main site to see more of her works and also to her Flick'r page

Thursday 24 July 2008

Liz Atkin : new artist on ""

A new artist is welcomed amongst our little community. Here is an extract from her presentation.
"Liz Atkin is a visual artist based in London. She completed a Masters with Distinction from Laban, Europe's largest Conservatoire for Contemporary Dance, London in 2007. Liz is interested in skin as a constantly transforming surface, ripe with memory, a flesh canvas. Skin is her primary source for corporeal art. In her portraits, Liz works with her face and the surface of her skin, exploring texture and transformation through body focussed repetitive behaviour. Drawing with light, current pieces are produced through domestic flatbed scanners."


Her images are strong, deranging, sometimes violent but always with great artistic content, sense of composition and harmony.

Take a look at her other creations on the main site or also on her own site

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Hercilia Lopes - 6 new scanns on the site

Hercilia just sent me 6 new images she has done in her scannographic way to explore the feminine universe. She now has 9 images on the site.

here is one of them…

universo feminino I

Go to the main site to see the second one and to her Flick'r page to see more of her very original creations.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Angely Pamila Chi - first experiments

I received these images recently from the Philippines. With just these lines :
Hello! I am Angely Chi from the Philippines and these are my first experiments on the office scanner. (I did it when I was alone.)

I liked these images I find them a good attempt for a first try. Original composition, strong feeling, and good color harmonies. I hope some of you will let Angely know what they feel about these scanns.

Here are some explanation the author gave me later to her creations :
I'm still very new this art but i find it a lot of fun because i could play with setting up images especially when I include myself as part of the scanned image. That's the best part despite its awkwardness. because I found it tiring to steadily put my face on the scanner and wait for a minute to have it scanned (a minute seems forever) i decided to play around and move my face while the scanner works up, chasing the light, alternating my face with other objects within reach-books, a calculator, magazines, etc. So the end products are fragmented images or fragmented portraits.
I had a bugging thought in my head that perhaps what I was doing was not really new and there were other people in the world scanning their faces and making art out of it. So I searched the web the next day with the keyword "scanner art" and found your site. I also found this website with a fun scannography project called "Face your Pockets
The image is a cover of "The Believer" magazine i've been reading. The cartoon character in the cover is Fantomah, the first ever female superhero created by Hanks Fletcher during the Golden Age of Comics. (Fantomah is a superhero who's beautiful when everything is fine in the jungle she protects. But her face transforms into a blue skull whenever her jungle is threatened and she is angered.) I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition with another cover of the book "Filipiniana" which features a Filipina meztiza during the Spanish era in the Philippines, and fragmented images of myself in the background. But my juxtaposition of the three occurred purely on impulse. I didn't plan to put one with the other. it just occurred to me to grab my magazine and the book, put them side by side, and work my face behind them

If you want to discover more about Angely :