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Sunday 2 March 2014

A new artist on Emily Bree Richards

Emily Bree Richards is a young british artist who plays with faces, flower and emotions…
Emily, in a style that comes close to Liz Atkins (another british scannographer), is creating superb portraits with strong color moods and she also uses the movements in her creations.
A kind of sweet and sometimes dark nostalgia emanates from her images, and she is touching directly our feelings.
Strange and beautiful in the same time, her works have to be seen…



Wednesday 21 November 2012

Back on the board with Mary-Jo Fulton

We are still alive ! I was much too busy in the last months but scannography;org is stll alive (and kicking ?!) Today I present you Marie-Jo Fulton. She plays with portraits and hands and creates superb images. I hope you will take a look at them.


As I'm very busy these days I would appreciate if any amongst the readers of the blog wants to publish on it. It's easy : just send me your text and images through email, I'll do the rest

Saturday 29 October 2011

The animated Lil Ashton

Our new artist from London is a young lady who will surprise you…
Animating her scanns and playing with her painted portraits, that's what Lil Ashton is dealing with.

And the results are surprising. Not only are this portraits intriguing but they also move you as they move themselves. These are like cries from outside world or inner feelings. In the same time there is a lot of humor and fun in those images.

The best way to understand what I mean is to check on her page


Monday 31 January 2011

New artist for the new year !!

It's quite time that I let you know we have a new artist from Mexico amongst us. His name : Matus.

I think he will surprize some amongst us.

We already had some interesting artists doing portraits (talking of that Liz Atkins just changed her biography). But Matus is more in body capture then just portrait. In fact the way he scanns people gives a very special approach to those people so portraited, he reveals their body but also something more. Of course there is something very erotic in his images, but it's not vulgar at all. It's more intimacy that Matus seems to search in his compositions. And these compositions give weight to his very own work. We hope to see more soon…

Anyway here is one image I hope it gives you the need to reach for more on our main website.


Friday 8 October 2010

Jens Standke's scann-sculpture

Jens Standke came to our site last year, working with lights and movements.

He gave me some news. This is not "scannography" as we define it anymore but it stays in connection with scanners so I thought I give you the info as I find he today's work really interesting.



Jens worked with a scanner to capture his own movemet that he then transformed in sculpture : "The experience is: By moving our body we are taking more space and another time as normally ascribed.". So movement and scanner stay in his body of work and it's good to see a concrete result of this thinking and working.

If you want to see more photos click here : "Photos"

You can also check the video of his "making-of" here: "Video"

Monday 6 July 2009

Portraits and abstractions by Elisabeth Gibouin

A young french girl, student in Visual Arts and History of Art in Angers is using a scanner to create images and projects of her own. Elisabeth produces two types of scannographies. You can now see her images on our main site, but also on this page.

The first are portraits in black and white where she tries to put emotions and to capture a kind of innerworld of the subject… The lights, contrasts and composition are superb in these images and she succeeds by transmitting emotions and characteres of the persons she scanns…


The second type of scannographies are abstracts. Elisabeth paints abstract color compositions, then scanns them while moving them on the scanner screen-plate. She obtains images with lots of movements and waves. She uses them in projections while a dancer follows his inspiration guided by these scannnographic movements… A very interesting experiment.


I hope you will like this new artist. Don't hesitate to give her some feedback by commenting these images.

Friday 13 March 2009

Liz Atkin with a dance exhibition

Liz Atkin, one of our great scannographers, is participating on a Dance show… She will be exhibiting art work for Independant Dance at Siobhan Davies Studios in London on 18 and 19 April with other dance artists
From what I saw from Liz's work, this must be an interesting venue. I recommend it for those of you who are close from London…

For those who want more infos, take a look here. You will have to search a bit, but It's worth it I think…

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Face your pocket

An interesting site where you can send a scannography of your face and everything you have in your pockets.

The idea of Pierre Jarlan for a common exhibition still exists on the web ! Almost 240 people have participate. It's a real great idea because you can read social, sexual, geographical differences on all these scanns. Thangs to Angely Pamela Chi who gave me this address, it's a nice one.


Here also the technical recommandations. I wish some of you will participate, it's fun and it's a successfull site. This can only be helpfull for scannography in general.

Thursday 14 August 2008

Simon Gris : does humor belong in scannography ?

A third french scannographer, Simon Gris appears today on the scannography site. His portraits tend to prove that, yes, scannography can be done with humor !
Here are two examples of his Art :



You can also discover lots of Simon self-portraits, that he classsifies in strange categories, on his own website.. But even if Simon proves a lot of humor in his images this goes with a great sense of composing, contrasts and quality…

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Elena Kropaneva : our first russian scannographer

Elena Kropaneva lives in Russia, Ekaterinburg and studies for Masters at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. She creates superb scannographies, with dreamy, soft and feelingfull elements.

listening to a flower
sleeping angel

Elena was one of the first persons I took contact with, in april 2008, to start the site, she hadn't time then to prepare things, but her place was reserved and here she is. I'm glad to have one more person playing with portraits and giving a very faery side to them,. In a sense just the opposite of Liz Atkin. This confirms that this medium is able to transpose and express much different feelings depending on who plays with the technic.

Please go to the main site to see more of her works and also to her Flick'r page

Thursday 24 July 2008

Liz Atkin : new artist on ""

A new artist is welcomed amongst our little community. Here is an extract from her presentation.
"Liz Atkin is a visual artist based in London. She completed a Masters with Distinction from Laban, Europe's largest Conservatoire for Contemporary Dance, London in 2007. Liz is interested in skin as a constantly transforming surface, ripe with memory, a flesh canvas. Skin is her primary source for corporeal art. In her portraits, Liz works with her face and the surface of her skin, exploring texture and transformation through body focussed repetitive behaviour. Drawing with light, current pieces are produced through domestic flatbed scanners."


Her images are strong, deranging, sometimes violent but always with great artistic content, sense of composition and harmony.

Take a look at her other creations on the main site or also on her own site