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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Sonja is playing with dolls

Sonja Beskin-Mesher is our new member on the scannography site. Sonja is a complete artist : painting, drawing, writing. She proposes a serie of scanns with dolls for theme. She says : “Dolls have been used in role play in childhood and in the adult world for centuries. Research has proved that inanimate objects still provoke feeling and reaction.” 2013-08-01-14-29-24.jpg

Her images are strong and yet pleasant to look at. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did. bound.jpg

Saturday 28 June 2014

Olga Guerra plays with strange moods

Our new fellow artist on our main site presents very strange composition. She seems to like subtle moods that gives a kind of thrill to the viewer. Playing with toys and plastic objects, she composes pictures that seem to be innocent, but what is behind all this ? Take a look and make your own opinion on Olga's new page.


Thursday 26 December 2013

Ronis Furquim; an active brazilian scannographer

Ronis Furquim is a scannographer playing with object and light.

In a similar way to his fellow countrywoman, Hercilia Lopes, Ronis creates superb images on basse of strange objects and things he founds around him. 09_scarab.jpg

He is very active and seems to search new ways to express himself. The world around him is like an open book in which he picks and rearrange. Take a look at his page and discover his fine arts.


Monday 12 August 2013

Random as part of Art : Danilo D'Alessio

Our new artist, Danilo D'Alessio, didn't propose much pictures but his method is a wonderfull one to follow.

This method, as he says, a tribute to Tristan Tzara (the Dada movement), is interesting because you know surprises will emerge. Take a look on his page to see it explained there. Some of the images (we would like to see a few more in fact) are just strange and superb.

Red Noise

Have fun and don't forget to spread the word.

Friday 28 June 2013

Irina Yanikova

Beautiful new pictures on the site.

Irina Yanikova proposes beautiful scannography compositions. There is something fresh and original in her works. She touches a few domains and themes, mixing objects, flowers, and all sorts of elements to create her own vision of things. There is a very poetic mood in her creations and I hope you will like them as I did.


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Flowers and objects : almost classic scannography with a particular point of view

Jan O'Highway seems to be almost a classic scannographer…

…but the way she lays her compositions on the flatbed scanner is rather original. In a way, she is telling us stories. She uses frames to show images within the main frame.
Like in comics she plays with the juxtaposition between things to create emotions. Blur, harsh colors, nice compositions do the rest. Take a look on her page…


Tuesday 20 March 2012

Classic but with a nostalgic mood: Clare West

It's been a while since my last post. I'm sorry about this.

Our new artist on the site is an english photographer called Clare West. Her images can seem very classic but in the same time there is a very special flavour in them. A kind of nostalgia, something we find in the early photographies of the 19th century. Textures, colors, mood, everything seems to be diluted by the time machine !
I'm glad to count her amongst us !

Enjoy and leave some comments please…



Friday 3 September 2010

Exhibition with Chad Kleitsch in LA

Here is the message I received from Chad :

''I'm Included in a group show at a great photo gallery out in LA , opening next Thursday the 9th at 6pm. Sadly I will be unable to attend due to a very bad case of poverty. But please attend and give me some buzzy-ness, bring friends or even enemies. Its new work ( 3 large pieces and 15 portfolio prints to browse) Ive been doing with "scanography" and old paper documents. Best Chad''

Stephen Cohen Gallery 7358 Beverly Boulevard • Los Angeles CA 90036

Gallery hours are: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm 323.937.5525 phone

Here are two of the pieces he exposes. I also join the transation of the Emily Dickinson letter, Chad sent me. Love letter Emily Dickinson Letter to Benjerman Kimball

"To take the hand of my friend's friend, even apparitionally, is a hallowed pleasure. I think you told me you weree his kinsman. I was only his friend-and yet cannot yet believe the "his part in all the pomp that fills the circut of the Southern Hills, is that his grave is green". His last words on his last note were" a caller comes". I infer it to be Eternity, as he never returned.

Yourtaask must be a fervent one- often one of pain.

end of page one

page 2

Oh Death, where is thy Chancellor? On my way to my sleep, last night, I paused at the Portrait. Had I not loved it, I had feared it, the face had such ascension.

Are even as thyself, For what are stars but asterisks, To point a human life?

Thank you for the nobleness, and for the earnest note- but all are friends, upon a spar.

Gratefully ,E. Dickenson

Sunday 20 September 2009

Stephanie Sierou-Aarten from Netherlands

The community continues to grow after a calm summer where I didn't do anything on the site !!

Stephanie Sierou-Aarten is a student in Art from Holland. She discovered the magic of scannography seven years ago, and this technic became a passion for her. This discovering reminds something to me, as it must for a lot amongst us.



Take a look at her beautiful creations. She seems fascinated by colors, lights and movements. Her works are close to Jens Standke's images. She plays with glass objects that she moves on the scanner while scanning. The result is amazing as it seems to represent some outerspace creatures or images from another dimansion. Which is, in a certain way, the case, as she distorts time and space with her method !

Thursday 4 June 2009

Mac McArthur : playing with sculptures

Mac McArthur has collected sculptures from his numerous travels around the world. They are from all kind and all origins. But they all become part of his intimate creative world. He makes them his own by playing with their forms and colors on his scanner.


Poetic, futuristic and full of emotions, his images have a kind of melancholy inside them which gives them a profound sense of humanity aside a cold feel due to the stony matter.


Mac has done scannography for a few years now and you can discover more of his images on his gallery.
I hope you'll all appreciate this original artist…

Tuesday 24 March 2009

J. Seeley - high quality scannographies…

J. Seeley's work has been added on our site.
These are incredible images, with perfect harmonies of colors, compositions and forms… I advice everyone to take a look at them, this is technically perfect and has a very special and very own mood in it. A whole complete and personal universe…



Wednesday 21 January 2009

Face your pocket

An interesting site where you can send a scannography of your face and everything you have in your pockets.

The idea of Pierre Jarlan for a common exhibition still exists on the web ! Almost 240 people have participate. It's a real great idea because you can read social, sexual, geographical differences on all these scanns. Thangs to Angely Pamela Chi who gave me this address, it's a nice one.


Here also the technical recommandations. I wish some of you will participate, it's fun and it's a successfull site. This can only be helpfull for scannography in general.

Thursday 30 October 2008

Sharon Pazner - using scanner to create symbolic illustrations

Sharon has started recently to create images with her scanner. But she already has her very own style. Superb color harmonies in automnal colors reflect the mood of what she expresses in her works. Paper, nails, rusted metal are some of the elements she uses to create this work. Discover her work on our main site.
"Initially, I thought it would be an interesting means of presenting my 3-d paper art; subsequently, it proved to be even better than I had expected" she says.
skeleton keys
skeleton keys

Thursday 28 August 2008

30th artist on : Rosalynn Stovall

A young talented artist from Mississipi joined us : Rosalynn Stovall.

You can discover her on her own blog and see that she is already an accomplished and versatile artist touching collage, drawing, scannography and writing.
A wonderfull eye, superb and nervous pencil touch, great imagination, she is touching every possible fields and seems to have no limits to express herself. I wish her a lot of success.



Tuesday 22 July 2008

Angely Pamila Chi - first experiments

I received these images recently from the Philippines. With just these lines :
Hello! I am Angely Chi from the Philippines and these are my first experiments on the office scanner. (I did it when I was alone.)

I liked these images I find them a good attempt for a first try. Original composition, strong feeling, and good color harmonies. I hope some of you will let Angely know what they feel about these scanns.

Here are some explanation the author gave me later to her creations :
I'm still very new this art but i find it a lot of fun because i could play with setting up images especially when I include myself as part of the scanned image. That's the best part despite its awkwardness. because I found it tiring to steadily put my face on the scanner and wait for a minute to have it scanned (a minute seems forever) i decided to play around and move my face while the scanner works up, chasing the light, alternating my face with other objects within reach-books, a calculator, magazines, etc. So the end products are fragmented images or fragmented portraits.
I had a bugging thought in my head that perhaps what I was doing was not really new and there were other people in the world scanning their faces and making art out of it. So I searched the web the next day with the keyword "scanner art" and found your site. I also found this website with a fun scannography project called "Face your Pockets
The image is a cover of "The Believer" magazine i've been reading. The cartoon character in the cover is Fantomah, the first ever female superhero created by Hanks Fletcher during the Golden Age of Comics. (Fantomah is a superhero who's beautiful when everything is fine in the jungle she protects. But her face transforms into a blue skull whenever her jungle is threatened and she is angered.) I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition with another cover of the book "Filipiniana" which features a Filipina meztiza during the Spanish era in the Philippines, and fragmented images of myself in the background. But my juxtaposition of the three occurred purely on impulse. I didn't plan to put one with the other. it just occurred to me to grab my magazine and the book, put them side by side, and work my face behind them

If you want to discover more about Angely :

Friday 18 July 2008

New artist on ""

Pierre Jarlan has now his page on the site. He is the second french guy participating (me being the first ;-))


Pierre seems to collect all sorts of objects from his all-day life. This becomes a kind of dairy of what makes his near environment. Another way of keeping memories. A nice idea I think. I hope he will present larger collections on his website and a classification by theme (kitchen objects, emptied pockets, medicals…). The image here presents what his pockets contained in 2002.
Pierre practisize scannography since 10 years almost and wants to go further in that media. I wish him success in his studies and in his Art with the hope he can mix both…