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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Flowers and objects : almost classic scannography with a particular point of view

Jan O'Highway seems to be almost a classic scannographer…

…but the way she lays her compositions on the flatbed scanner is rather original. In a way, she is telling us stories. She uses frames to show images within the main frame.
Like in comics she plays with the juxtaposition between things to create emotions. Blur, harsh colors, nice compositions do the rest. Take a look on her page…


Wednesday 4 January 2012

Werner Abel's book

It's a superb object with a perfect layout and wonderful images.

Finally the book has passed frontiers. And it's worth having it in hand. Werner did a great job trying to explain what scannography is and how to practice it. Well the book is in german but it's worth having it in hand because it shows on paper what we all knew: the quality of the images.


The publisher added a few artists (jeff Mihalyo, Patri Feher, Jaime Ruas, Hercilia Lopes and more) at the end of the book to give a larger view and opening to the world of Scan-Art. For those interested you can order the book here. It's really worth the price. And it needs support.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Two new artists on our site

I had not much time in the last weeks but here we go again… I have to present you 2 new artists : one for july and one for august. A great summer in a way.

Werner Abel, for july, is a german artist who is fascinated by the possibilities of the flatbed scanner. He is presently publishing the first german book about scannography at Nardelli publishing.

Luis Castelo, for august, is a spanish artist who teaches photography at the Fine Arts University in Madrid. His images are like nothing comparable, between scientific views and graphic design.

Please leave comments about these two interesting guys…

Werner Abel :

Four seasons

Luis Castelo



You can discover more of Luis's creations on his own site here

Sunday 2 January 2011

A happy New Scanning Year

All the best to everyone taking a look on these pages


Monday 27 December 2010

New artist for late december - Stewart Nelson

The artist for this month is finally on the site.

His name : Stewart Nelson. His work is mainly based on leaves and fronds and bright colors. Stewart doesn't hesitate to alter the natural colors to arrive at the result he wants. His images are strong, simple and appealing. Hs compositions focus mostly on one main element and that gives strength to the whole picture.



Stewart is a professional photographer living in Florida. And you can also take a look at his very graphic and interesting photographic works here.

Monday 1 November 2010

gardening photo contest

A scannography contest on a Gardening site. A bit late to present this but I wasn't aware of it earlier. Anyway, it's nice to see that scannography becomes used by everyone. This contest is a good example of that.

"Gardening Gone Wild" is a blog about gardens (did I figure that out by myself ?). They organize photo contests regularly. October theme was scannography.

The contest results are presented here, and you will see it's classical flower scanns but some very nice pictures amongst them.



Let's hope other scanography contests wil take place everywhere…

Thursday 16 September 2010

Algis Kemezys and his Preraphaelite flowers…

Our new artist on, Algis kemezys, is well-known photographer who creates scannographies since years now.He explain his work :
"I called them PreRaphaelite because they follow the "rules" of those mid-nineteenth century poets and painters. They have unconventional compositions (unlike any flower arrangements I have ever seen in photos or paintings); there are pyramidal groupings (stacking); there is of necessity more light on one side of the image than the other, causing an unnatural depiction of the subjects; and there is absolutely a great emphasis on shadow and tone to let the colours fend for themselves and work within the structure of the image."



His images are colored in a very special way, like no other. The strange emanations coming out and slipping through the images, give a sense of weirdness and a strength to Algis's creations. If you want to know more about this artist, he gives a lot of informations on his own blog.

Monday 12 April 2010

Chad Kleitsch : papers and botanicals

Finally some new things on our site !! I'm sorry I had no time before but I had hundreds of illustrations to create in the last 5 months.

So. Here we are presenting you a formidable photographer who is now working in scannography. The works Chad Kleitsch presents us here are divided in two parts. The first is the classical scannography theme : flowers and leaves, simply presented but in a perfect way. The second theme is much more personal, in my humble opinion. Chad works with papers, scanning letters, enveloppes, receipts but with an incredible lightning which gives almost live to those papers. Chad seems to have thought a lot about his way of doing things and the result is very sensitive and emotional. Here is an extract of his statement, which I find very relevant : "For some primordial reason when a new image making process or technique is created we innocently throw nature onto its surface, as some kind of ongoing test. Perhaps looking to see if it can match our own perceptual abilities and/or move beyond it."

mother “Letter from Camp” flower Flower nonsense receipt nonsense receipt

I hope you like that new artist and you can also take a look at his own website here.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Nature enhanced : Marty Klein's visions

Marty Klein presents some of his works on our main site.

Marty is, in a way, a newcomer to scannography. But he is a longtime lover of Nature. Photographer of wildlife and flowers since always, he passed to scannography in 2006, discovering the richness of details and subtilities of this technic. He now shares the result with all of us. Playing with textures, matters and sharpness to bring us to view the details of what surrounds us.


Amanita muscaria

Go also see Marty's main site, rich of images of all styles

Sunday 14 September 2008

Janet Dwyer - floral scanns for a poetic view of the world

Janet Dwyer has won some important prices (In 2007 the world’s most prestigious photography competition, the Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards). Her attention to details and moods gives strenght to her images as well as a kind of poetry not missing some humor ! She doesnt hesitate to add other elements to the flowers and compose them so our imagination can play and see much more then the flowers she has scanned…
Take a look at the main site as well as on her own site.

flying dream
flying dream


Friday 22 August 2008

Tim Fleming : Floral scannographies…

Is floral the main theme amongst scannographers ?

It won't be Tim Fleming who would say the opposite. Tim's beautiful arrangements can now be seen on the scannography main site.

April in Paris
April in Paris

Fading Rose 5
Fading Rose

Tim is an artist, teacher, web designer and photographer specializing in images of the American West, as well as a scannographer. His work is well known in and around the Northern California area, and he has exhibited his artwork both nationally and internationally. You can see his work on his personal website.