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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Back on the board with Mary-Jo Fulton

We are still alive ! I was much too busy in the last months but scannography;org is stll alive (and kicking ?!) Today I present you Marie-Jo Fulton. She plays with portraits and hands and creates superb images. I hope you will take a look at them.


As I'm very busy these days I would appreciate if any amongst the readers of the blog wants to publish on it. It's easy : just send me your text and images through email, I'll do the rest

Monday 31 January 2011

New artist for the new year !!

It's quite time that I let you know we have a new artist from Mexico amongst us. His name : Matus.

I think he will surprize some amongst us.

We already had some interesting artists doing portraits (talking of that Liz Atkins just changed her biography). But Matus is more in body capture then just portrait. In fact the way he scanns people gives a very special approach to those people so portraited, he reveals their body but also something more. Of course there is something very erotic in his images, but it's not vulgar at all. It's more intimacy that Matus seems to search in his compositions. And these compositions give weight to his very own work. We hope to see more soon…

Anyway here is one image I hope it gives you the need to reach for more on our main website.


Friday 8 October 2010

Jens Standke's scann-sculpture

Jens Standke came to our site last year, working with lights and movements.

He gave me some news. This is not "scannography" as we define it anymore but it stays in connection with scanners so I thought I give you the info as I find he today's work really interesting.



Jens worked with a scanner to capture his own movemet that he then transformed in sculpture : "The experience is: By moving our body we are taking more space and another time as normally ascribed.". So movement and scanner stay in his body of work and it's good to see a concrete result of this thinking and working.

If you want to see more photos click here : "Photos"

You can also check the video of his "making-of" here: "Video"

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Rodolphe Gombergh : medical scannography can lead to Art…

…but is this still what we call scannography ?

Somewhere between medical imagery and artistic research, Rodolphe Gombergh proposed 2006 an exhibition called "transparent women" (festival @rt outsiders). Sophisticated technology allows him to show us the inside of human bodies without having to introduce camera in them. The radiologist uses medical scanners to obtain these images…

Rodolphe Gombergh

This is Art for sure, medical maybe but is it scannography ? What do you think ?

And to have an animated view of Rodolphe's Art go to this page. It can seem deranging, strange, weird but there is beauty here and also an other way to see ourselves !!!