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Saturday 23 October 2010

Richard Dawson, drawings with grass…

"When the market traders had left, there were discarded flowers left on the road squashed into the ground, but still beautiful. I wanted to capture this beauty and scanning was the best way to create such movement and action with a still object."

This is how Richard Dawson started scannography. This photographer and artist has since developped lots of styles by using his scanner. I let you discover them on the site. Here a few images to give you a first approach :



Don't hesitate to go this own website where you can discover a large range of styles and works

Sunday 3 October 2010

Tamara Stoneburner: simple scanns as a gardening journal

Tamara Stoneburner is a calligrapher and illustrator, she discovered the magic of scannography recently. Tamara's work isn't the most astonishing but her pictures show what scannography can be for many amongst us : the perfect media to "pick up on intricate details of objects that are not noticed by the naked eye" Her pictures are perfect in light, sharpness and colors. She seems to see her work more like a testimony for what she sees around her, then as an artistic form of imaging. She is also one of the rare persons that scans insects and other little creatures, and, I must admit, this makes me feel less alone !!!


Thursday 16 September 2010

Algis Kemezys and his Preraphaelite flowers…

Our new artist on, Algis kemezys, is well-known photographer who creates scannographies since years now.He explain his work :
"I called them PreRaphaelite because they follow the "rules" of those mid-nineteenth century poets and painters. They have unconventional compositions (unlike any flower arrangements I have ever seen in photos or paintings); there are pyramidal groupings (stacking); there is of necessity more light on one side of the image than the other, causing an unnatural depiction of the subjects; and there is absolutely a great emphasis on shadow and tone to let the colours fend for themselves and work within the structure of the image."



His images are colored in a very special way, like no other. The strange emanations coming out and slipping through the images, give a sense of weirdness and a strength to Algis's creations. If you want to know more about this artist, he gives a lot of informations on his own blog.

Monday 12 April 2010

Chad Kleitsch : papers and botanicals

Finally some new things on our site !! I'm sorry I had no time before but I had hundreds of illustrations to create in the last 5 months.

So. Here we are presenting you a formidable photographer who is now working in scannography. The works Chad Kleitsch presents us here are divided in two parts. The first is the classical scannography theme : flowers and leaves, simply presented but in a perfect way. The second theme is much more personal, in my humble opinion. Chad works with papers, scanning letters, enveloppes, receipts but with an incredible lightning which gives almost live to those papers. Chad seems to have thought a lot about his way of doing things and the result is very sensitive and emotional. Here is an extract of his statement, which I find very relevant : "For some primordial reason when a new image making process or technique is created we innocently throw nature onto its surface, as some kind of ongoing test. Perhaps looking to see if it can match our own perceptual abilities and/or move beyond it."

mother “Letter from Camp” flower Flower nonsense receipt nonsense receipt

I hope you like that new artist and you can also take a look at his own website here.

Sunday 20 September 2009

Stephanie Sierou-Aarten from Netherlands

The community continues to grow after a calm summer where I didn't do anything on the site !!

Stephanie Sierou-Aarten is a student in Art from Holland. She discovered the magic of scannography seven years ago, and this technic became a passion for her. This discovering reminds something to me, as it must for a lot amongst us.



Take a look at her beautiful creations. She seems fascinated by colors, lights and movements. Her works are close to Jens Standke's images. She plays with glass objects that she moves on the scanner while scanning. The result is amazing as it seems to represent some outerspace creatures or images from another dimansion. Which is, in a certain way, the case, as she distorts time and space with her method !

Friday 24 April 2009

The spirit of the flowers : Roberta Bailey

Yes I know, flowers, flowers, when it comes to scannography it always comes to flowers.

But Roberta Bailey (she has her own website here), brings the subject to a new level. At least to my eyes. She plays with colors, transparencies, and lights without crashing the simplicity of the elements she presents. Her creations are just perfect. The essence of her body of work seems to be beauty, something that gets more and more lost in Contemporary Art. That's maybe why we are not looked at as artists, but as some bunch of amateurs playing with scanners !!!
Go and see these images (on , I think you'll be amazed too (especially if you like flowers as much as Modern Art, which I personnaly do, being open minded is important these times).
I hope she will touch a large public and so help scannography get it's way forward.


Sunday 12 April 2009

A group of scannographers : redbubble - scantastic

Redbubble is a site where everyone can exhibit Art, Design and Photography for free.
A group has been formed there called "Scantastic - Scanned images" by Jared D. White.

Jared recently contacted me to tell me about this group. It's an interesting site, where you can find a lot of great images and artists. Some of them are also on our site (hello Marsha). The site is easy to use and nicely done and contains interesting eatures. Go and see some new images there. I also hope some of these scannographers will take a look on our own projects and maybe join in…


Tuesday 24 March 2009

J. Seeley - high quality scannographies…

J. Seeley's work has been added on our site.
These are incredible images, with perfect harmonies of colors, compositions and forms… I advice everyone to take a look at them, this is technically perfect and has a very special and very own mood in it. A whole complete and personal universe…



Friday 13 March 2009

Liz Atkin with a dance exhibition

Liz Atkin, one of our great scannographers, is participating on a Dance show… She will be exhibiting art work for Independant Dance at Siobhan Davies Studios in London on 18 and 19 April with other dance artists
From what I saw from Liz's work, this must be an interesting venue. I recommend it for those of you who are close from London…

For those who want more infos, take a look here. You will have to search a bit, but It's worth it I think…

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Liquid painting with a flatbed scanner : Jaime Ruas

Jaime Ruas is a spanish graphic designer and painter.
We added a page in the technic part of our site where Jaime explains his very special technic of painting.

Jaime has build a special box in which he can mix, paint, add liquids while scanning. He explains : "This box allows many different techniques to paint in it, without damaging the normal operation of the scanner. The different techniques used in this box are over thirty. Amongst them, you can make collages with damp paper, pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, wax, adhesive tapes, inks, fabrics, wood, metal, and can paint with brushes, sponges, or even with bare hands, the possibilities of artistic creation is endless."


I hope that his revealing of a special method will give others the idea to try and find new directions to develop this artform. Thank you Jaime…


Wednesday 4 February 2009

Playing with light : Jens Standke

A german scannographer joined our community…

Jens Standke is experimenting lots of different ways of creating images. One of those ways is scannography. But, as for all his other artistic researches, he doesn't go the common path. As he explains "I examine the relationship of time, movement, reflections and visual perception. "
His scannogaphies are essentially a play of movement and light and the result is some strange forms, like ghosts that suddenly become very real and consistant. With a usual camera capturing light effects is something that is completely blurred. With the scanner, on the opposite, you have sharpness on each moment the light is captured. So these are unusual images and, the more, really appealing to the eyes.
Movement, light, reflection is the basis of this serie, but Jens also did some portraits that you can discover on his page on ""



Saturday 17 January 2009

Scanner lens driven by hand

Sergey Sorokin is a diverse artist touching all kind of medias.

His scannographys are abstract and geometrical. Far from the standards we slowly create by being a community of artists. But that's also what makes him interesting. He uses the scanner in a non-conventional way. Colorfull, presenting very repetitive motives, using often printed papers as ground material for his images, he doesn't fit completely in what we now call scannography.
Sergey takes the scanner lens out of the scanner and rambles it on the objects or things he want to interpretate. This approach is very new, I think, and certainly allows a lot of new images to appear. My regret is he stayed a bit too classic in what he showed. I suppose he will try out lots of things in the next future (why not body parts, screens, animals…). For those who are ready to try this technic I'm sure this will open new areas of creation. So, thank you Sergey, for presenting us these images and a good continuation to you.



Thursday 18 December 2008

Nature enhanced : Marty Klein's visions

Marty Klein presents some of his works on our main site.

Marty is, in a way, a newcomer to scannography. But he is a longtime lover of Nature. Photographer of wildlife and flowers since always, he passed to scannography in 2006, discovering the richness of details and subtilities of this technic. He now shares the result with all of us. Playing with textures, matters and sharpness to bring us to view the details of what surrounds us.


Amanita muscaria

Go also see Marty's main site, rich of images of all styles

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Patri Feher's new site : rich and interesting

Patri presents a new site full of new scanns, technics and informations.
Patri's site remains one of the most important sites for what concerns scannography. She still has links to DigitalArt gallery, where she gives classes.

Here are some of Patri's new scanns :





I hope you will all take a look and give her your impressions.

Saturday 6 December 2008

Painting on a scanner : Jaime Ruas

Jaime Ruas is a spanish graphic designer and painter.
His use of the scanner is very special as he paints directly on it. He scans his painting after he has create them on the scanner glass. I don't know if this can still be called "scannography" but I find this approach really interesting. You can discover them on our main site
I'm sure the purists (yes, we have already purists amongst us in this new medium) will say that's not scannography because it's not a capture of objects, but maybe the approach can give us all ideas (in fact Liz Atkin already used paintings in her portraits). But sometimes he seems to introduce elements like tissus (see the second example hereunder), so… I hope jaime will write us a step-by-step of his method. That would be helpful for us all to discover new ways…



Saturday 29 November 2008

Josie Iselin is publishing some scannography books…

Here are some recent news from Josie :
"The pumpkins have been carved, the seeds roasted, we are deep into November and starting to think about sweet potatoes and cranberries.  A recent meander through the conceptually and materially impeccable sculptures of Martin Puryear at SFMOMA was as peaceful and awe striking as my wander on the beach a couple of days later. Thousands of sand dollars sat whole at the tides edge, their five-fold etched petaloids staring up from the sand.  Form, in both instances, at a wondrous apex.  A few events are coming up to celebrate the books, and to provide a sneak preview of the next project: a book of beach treasure. I look forward to seeing many of you.   Saturday, December 6 10am - 6pm:    Kitchen Table Studio's Holiday Fair    St.Teresa's, 19th & Connecticut,  Potrero Hill, SF.  A fun, seasonal and neighborly group of artists selling their wares and sharing sumptuous snacks.  I will be selling all four books and will have prints for sale.  Please stop by. Heart Stones makes a great stocking stuffer and bring one of the other books to every holiday party! Wednesday, December 10, 12:30 pm:  California Academy of Sciences Talk and book signing with Sandy Carlson and scientists from the museum. Come celebrate the Seashells collaboration with the Academy at the new location in Golden Gate Park.  Forthcoming information will be up on their site. Visuals Unlimited, a stock photo agency specializing in science, has many of the images from my books. Please let any textbook editors or magazine photo directors know. Their new website will be up in December."
Cover.jpgheart-stones-Iselin.jpg You can find more informations on Josie's own site.

Monday 17 November 2008

Deniz Kurt : a serie from Turkey

Deniz Kurt is student in Art. He is living in Turkey and does paintings in a very expressiv style, mixing portrait s with calligraphy and very strong colors. He discovered scannography a few months ago. He likes the dark, expressive and emotıonal side of it.

Here are some examples of his use of scanner :

As soon as Deniz will have a website where you can discover his work I will let you all know about it

Tuesday 4 November 2008

The scannography list

Patri Feher just reviewed the list of Master Directory of Scanography.

I added the list to download on the scannography site (on the left of the page, under the buttons). It is a very complete list of artists Patri has compiled through the years. Not only has she searched for most artists using this technic but she also listed Flick'r groups, forums, tutorials and more…

So if you searched for infos about scannography, this is a must-have !!

Thursday 30 October 2008

Sharon Pazner - using scanner to create symbolic illustrations

Sharon has started recently to create images with her scanner. But she already has her very own style. Superb color harmonies in automnal colors reflect the mood of what she expresses in her works. Paper, nails, rusted metal are some of the elements she uses to create this work. Discover her work on our main site.
"Initially, I thought it would be an interesting means of presenting my 3-d paper art; subsequently, it proved to be even better than I had expected" she says.
skeleton keys
skeleton keys

Sunday 12 October 2008

John Greschak : viewing the invisible with scannography

The new artist on our site, John Greschak, has a very particular approach to scannography.
For him this is a technique to approach the invisible. Here is a part of his explanation from his own site :
When I look at close-up scans that I have taken of glass marbles, I see beings. Some are human-like; others are not. Sometimes they are alone. In other cases, they are in groups within a scene like one would see in a photograph. Occasionally, I see isolated inanimate objects as well (e.g. a bottle or an automobile). Some beings and scenes appear to be from the past; others are futuristic. These beings and objects are of various sizes. Usually, they are overlapping and transparent. Images that I have cropped from these scans admit different interpretations, like an optical illusion. They can be extremely complex. I enjoy looking at these images. I find them to be very interesting; fascinating.

These things that I see within images of glass marbles are inconspicuous, especially under normal viewing conditions. In order to see them more clearly, I use special techniques. My primary objective in writing this article is to describe my methods so you might derive as much pleasure from these images as I do. At the same time, I would like to provide detailed information for investigators who seek to explain the nature of the phenomenon considered here.



I let everyone judge his visions and Art. For my part I just see here a complete and coherent universe. It's not each image alone that is interesting, it's the whole concept that has to be taken in consideration. Nothing to do with what John sees (or thinks he sees) in his glass marble, you believe it or not (I don't, this is, for me, like the Rorschach's tests : everyone sees in them what he needs or wants to see), but you can't stay untouched by the coherence and strange strength that comes out of the whole.

I hope this very special artist will make you react and leave some comments here…

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