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Wednesday 1 June 2011

A site from Ankara

A strange site I received infos about.

"This is Serkan Isin, i am the editor of and subsites that are dedicated to visual poetry scene since 2005. We are following your site with interest and like you to know about ourexperiments about scanner and visual poetry, you can visit"

Of course I can't read the pages from this site because I don't read turkish. Sorry about it but well… I know some amongst you can. But the page with the images shows some nice black and white researches. Maybe that can give ideas to some of you. Lots of things and I don't know what part the scanner exactly takes in them. But I wanted to share.

Make comments if you have infos.


Monday 17 November 2008

Deniz Kurt : a serie from Turkey

Deniz Kurt is student in Art. He is living in Turkey and does paintings in a very expressiv style, mixing portrait s with calligraphy and very strong colors. He discovered scannography a few months ago. He likes the dark, expressive and emotıonal side of it.

Here are some examples of his use of scanner :

As soon as Deniz will have a website where you can discover his work I will let you all know about it