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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Two new artists on our site

I had not much time in the last weeks but here we go again… I have to present you 2 new artists : one for july and one for august. A great summer in a way.

Werner Abel, for july, is a german artist who is fascinated by the possibilities of the flatbed scanner. He is presently publishing the first german book about scannography at Nardelli publishing.

Luis Castelo, for august, is a spanish artist who teaches photography at the Fine Arts University in Madrid. His images are like nothing comparable, between scientific views and graphic design.

Please leave comments about these two interesting guys…

Werner Abel :

Four seasons

Luis Castelo



You can discover more of Luis's creations on his own site here

Saturday 6 November 2010

Jaime Ruas strikes back…

Jaime Ruas sent us new images created in his unique and fantastic technic.

Take a look at his page to see his Art is such a personal one and it has some magic in it. His personal universe grows with his practice of scanner painting, his mixes of types, colors, forms produces a very graphical result.

Personnaly, I'm a big fan.


Saturday 6 December 2008

Painting on a scanner : Jaime Ruas

Jaime Ruas is a spanish graphic designer and painter.
His use of the scanner is very special as he paints directly on it. He scans his painting after he has create them on the scanner glass. I don't know if this can still be called "scannography" but I find this approach really interesting. You can discover them on our main site
I'm sure the purists (yes, we have already purists amongst us in this new medium) will say that's not scannography because it's not a capture of objects, but maybe the approach can give us all ideas (in fact Liz Atkin already used paintings in her portraits). But sometimes he seems to introduce elements like tissus (see the second example hereunder), so… I hope jaime will write us a step-by-step of his method. That would be helpful for us all to discover new ways…