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Friday 28 June 2013

Irina Yanikova

Beautiful new pictures on the site.

Irina Yanikova proposes beautiful scannography compositions. There is something fresh and original in her works. She touches a few domains and themes, mixing objects, flowers, and all sorts of elements to create her own vision of things. There is a very poetic mood in her creations and I hope you will like them as I did.


Wednesday 21 January 2009

Face your pocket

An interesting site where you can send a scannography of your face and everything you have in your pockets.

The idea of Pierre Jarlan for a common exhibition still exists on the web ! Almost 240 people have participate. It's a real great idea because you can read social, sexual, geographical differences on all these scanns. Thangs to Angely Pamela Chi who gave me this address, it's a nice one.


Here also the technical recommandations. I wish some of you will participate, it's fun and it's a successfull site. This can only be helpfull for scannography in general.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Scanner lens driven by hand

Sergey Sorokin is a diverse artist touching all kind of medias.

His scannographys are abstract and geometrical. Far from the standards we slowly create by being a community of artists. But that's also what makes him interesting. He uses the scanner in a non-conventional way. Colorfull, presenting very repetitive motives, using often printed papers as ground material for his images, he doesn't fit completely in what we now call scannography.
Sergey takes the scanner lens out of the scanner and rambles it on the objects or things he want to interpretate. This approach is very new, I think, and certainly allows a lot of new images to appear. My regret is he stayed a bit too classic in what he showed. I suppose he will try out lots of things in the next future (why not body parts, screens, animals…). For those who are ready to try this technic I'm sure this will open new areas of creation. So, thank you Sergey, for presenting us these images and a good continuation to you.



Wednesday 30 July 2008

Elena Kropaneva : our first russian scannographer

Elena Kropaneva lives in Russia, Ekaterinburg and studies for Masters at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. She creates superb scannographies, with dreamy, soft and feelingfull elements.

listening to a flower
sleeping angel

Elena was one of the first persons I took contact with, in april 2008, to start the site, she hadn't time then to prepare things, but her place was reserved and here she is. I'm glad to have one more person playing with portraits and giving a very faery side to them,. In a sense just the opposite of Liz Atkin. This confirms that this medium is able to transpose and express much different feelings depending on who plays with the technic.

Please go to the main site to see more of her works and also to her Flick'r page