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Wednesday 14 September 2011

A french artist presents moody scanns


Our september artist is a french painter, photographer, musician AND scannographer : Jean-Louis Aubert.

His work is full of spirit, mood and strange ambiances. This artist is a complete talented one, managing various medias, he mixes his talents as well as his images.


The scanns he presentes us areof two kinds: raw scanns where he shows some natural and weird beauties, and, on the other hand, worked out montages he does from the initial raw scanns. It's strange how some of them don't look as scanns anymore. Jean-Louis has pushed the possibilities a bit further and this is one more good thing… You can also see more of his works on his own site.


Sunday 2 January 2011

A happy New Scanning Year

All the best to everyone taking a look on these pages


Monday 6 July 2009

Portraits and abstractions by Elisabeth Gibouin

A young french girl, student in Visual Arts and History of Art in Angers is using a scanner to create images and projects of her own. Elisabeth produces two types of scannographies. You can now see her images on our main site, but also on this page.

The first are portraits in black and white where she tries to put emotions and to capture a kind of innerworld of the subject… The lights, contrasts and composition are superb in these images and she succeeds by transmitting emotions and characteres of the persons she scanns…


The second type of scannographies are abstracts. Elisabeth paints abstract color compositions, then scanns them while moving them on the scanner screen-plate. She obtains images with lots of movements and waves. She uses them in projections while a dancer follows his inspiration guided by these scannnographic movements… A very interesting experiment.


I hope you will like this new artist. Don't hesitate to give her some feedback by commenting these images.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Le "Blog Photo Scope"

The french "Blog Photo Scope" presents the "" site

The superb french site has given us the opportunity to give information about scannography. This site talks about any interesting domain of photography and presents artists and galleries… The main site has a lot of entries getting in the photographic domains through different aspects. Even if you don't read french there are some superb galleries to visit and discover french artists… Vincent is working hard on this site and it deserves success.

Thursday 14 August 2008

Simon Gris : does humor belong in scannography ?

A third french scannographer, Simon Gris appears today on the scannography site. His portraits tend to prove that, yes, scannography can be done with humor !
Here are two examples of his Art :



You can also discover lots of Simon self-portraits, that he classsifies in strange categories, on his own website.. But even if Simon proves a lot of humor in his images this goes with a great sense of composing, contrasts and quality…

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Rodolphe Gombergh : medical scannography can lead to Art…

…but is this still what we call scannography ?

Somewhere between medical imagery and artistic research, Rodolphe Gombergh proposed 2006 an exhibition called "transparent women" (festival @rt outsiders). Sophisticated technology allows him to show us the inside of human bodies without having to introduce camera in them. The radiologist uses medical scanners to obtain these images…

Rodolphe Gombergh

This is Art for sure, medical maybe but is it scannography ? What do you think ?

And to have an animated view of Rodolphe's Art go to this page. It can seem deranging, strange, weird but there is beauty here and also an other way to see ourselves !!!