Again months have past. So if you go to this blog you always see the same news, sorry. Now I have lots of things to say about scannography but don't give myself enough time to do so. But first I want to present you two new artists I added on our main site.

Kate Cosgrove has been added in july. Her scanns are dark but very poetic in the same time. She is a student in graphic design and her art reflects a sensible view of things and nature.



Marina Shumakova, has been added in september. She is a russian photographer and teaches theory and history of Art at the Chelyabinsk State University. Her images play with abstraction, textures, colors and movements due to the scanner. The result is original and strong and motivating.



I must admit I'm proud to present such talented people on my website and that's what keeps me going on. This and the success of the site where more and more visitors get infos…

I'll try to give some other news here next week. Keep in touch