VANITAS, October 28 - Nov 3rd 2012, at Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes, Devon UK

Timed to coincide with Halloween, All Saints and Sanheim - when the veil between the worlds is thin- this exhibition takes as a starting point the idea of Vanitas, a genre that portrays the luscious delights available to us in life, juxtaposed with symbols, such as skulls, flowers or time-pieces, pointing to the ephemeral fact of our existence. The work of Totnesian multi-media artists Verity Newman and Jan O'Highway examines the fleeting nature of life with work ranging from ceramic sculptures based on the Mexican day of the Dead to the dreamlike imagery of large-format scanner-photography prints. In the process the artists cast an eye on the beauty existing in death, and indeed, the vanity and folly of our precarious existence.

A tour of the exhibition can be seen on flickr -