This month I had to illustrate some packagings for organic food.

As I wanted something realastic and simple, as I had just seeds to put on the label, I thought "let's do a scannography". Here under the result for two of them:


I asked around if some other people used scannography to illustrate commercial works. Ellen Hoverkamp sent me two images and the cover of the book where they were used :

Here are Ellen's explanations about that work :
"Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the largest casinos in America.  It is located on Native American land, owned by the Mohegan Indian Tribe, in Uncasville, CT.   The cookbook was a project that brought harmony and pride to both the Casino corporation and the Mohegan Tribe. Here are the endsheet design, planned to fold in the center of the double page spread. The first endsheets, is meant to fold on the fern. The composition is a tribute to the tribe, which is related to the Woodland Indians. The crabs and clams are included to relate to aquaculture, which has always been important since the tribe is also located near the shore on the CT, Rhode Island border. The last end sheet (file name cornlecto) was mostly a tribute to a traditional mainstay of the Mohegan diet, Succotash, which is made from squash, beans and corn, mostly. These three foods were also planted together as a traditional sustainable farming technique. I worked on this project July of 2004. The cookbook was published in 2005.''
The book can be found on storesonline.