The new artist on our site, John Greschak, has a very particular approach to scannography.
For him this is a technique to approach the invisible. Here is a part of his explanation from his own site :
When I look at close-up scans that I have taken of glass marbles, I see beings. Some are human-like; others are not. Sometimes they are alone. In other cases, they are in groups within a scene like one would see in a photograph. Occasionally, I see isolated inanimate objects as well (e.g. a bottle or an automobile). Some beings and scenes appear to be from the past; others are futuristic. These beings and objects are of various sizes. Usually, they are overlapping and transparent. Images that I have cropped from these scans admit different interpretations, like an optical illusion. They can be extremely complex. I enjoy looking at these images. I find them to be very interesting; fascinating.

These things that I see within images of glass marbles are inconspicuous, especially under normal viewing conditions. In order to see them more clearly, I use special techniques. My primary objective in writing this article is to describe my methods so you might derive as much pleasure from these images as I do. At the same time, I would like to provide detailed information for investigators who seek to explain the nature of the phenomenon considered here.



I let everyone judge his visions and Art. For my part I just see here a complete and coherent universe. It's not each image alone that is interesting, it's the whole concept that has to be taken in consideration. Nothing to do with what John sees (or thinks he sees) in his glass marble, you believe it or not (I don't, this is, for me, like the Rorschach's tests : everyone sees in them what he needs or wants to see), but you can't stay untouched by the coherence and strange strength that comes out of the whole.

I hope this very special artist will make you react and leave some comments here…