I received these images recently from the Philippines. With just these lines :
Hello! I am Angely Chi from the Philippines and these are my first experiments on the office scanner. (I did it when I was alone.)

I liked these images I find them a good attempt for a first try. Original composition, strong feeling, and good color harmonies. I hope some of you will let Angely know what they feel about these scanns.

Here are some explanation the author gave me later to her creations :
I'm still very new this art but i find it a lot of fun because i could play with setting up images especially when I include myself as part of the scanned image. That's the best part despite its awkwardness. because I found it tiring to steadily put my face on the scanner and wait for a minute to have it scanned (a minute seems forever) i decided to play around and move my face while the scanner works up, chasing the light, alternating my face with other objects within reach-books, a calculator, magazines, etc. So the end products are fragmented images or fragmented portraits.
I had a bugging thought in my head that perhaps what I was doing was not really new and there were other people in the world scanning their faces and making art out of it. So I searched the web the next day with the keyword "scanner art" and found your site. I also found this website with a fun scannography project called "Face your Pockets
The image is a cover of "The Believer" magazine i've been reading. The cartoon character in the cover is Fantomah, the first ever female superhero created by Hanks Fletcher during the Golden Age of Comics. (Fantomah is a superhero who's beautiful when everything is fine in the jungle she protects. But her face transforms into a blue skull whenever her jungle is threatened and she is angered.) I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition with another cover of the book "Filipiniana" which features a Filipina meztiza during the Spanish era in the Philippines, and fragmented images of myself in the background. But my juxtaposition of the three occurred purely on impulse. I didn't plan to put one with the other. it just occurred to me to grab my magazine and the book, put them side by side, and work my face behind them

If you want to discover more about Angely : http://delirium1986.multiply.com