We got problems on Wikipedia.

Patri composed a simple but objective and complete definition of "scannography". She added a list of links to give examples of what could be done with this media.
It looked like this then :

Wikipedia: old scanography definition

After that somebody interfered. He is signing "Freshacconci" . He deleted all the links and signaled the page as being not neutral, containing unverifiable claims, etc.

It then looked like this :
Wikipedia: actual scanography definition

I finally reintroduced some links to have this :
Wikipedia: actual scanography definition

The problem now remains that we have this signalization above that indicates this page has almost no credibility. So if someone knows how to change this, please let us know. I tried to contact Mr. Freshacconci but he doesn't answer. He just took the time to bring up problems and now he leaves us with them. I personnally find this really incorrect but what can we do ?