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Sunday 9 June 2013

Call for informations

As you can all see I don't write a lot on this blog since a few months now. But I will soon be back more actively, I promise.

So if any amongst you is interested, finds interesting things, has something to say about scannography, the blog is open for you. I sometimes get informations but they are not prepared and as I have little time I don't use them (shame on me !).

So if you want things to appear on the blog, write the text exactly as it has to appear here, without enriching it. Prepare also the images on the right size (410 pixels large).

This site needs a bit of help. Please join in, jump, write, express yourself !!

See you soon… and read you soon I hope !

Sunday 26 June 2011

How many amongst us have managed to find a publisher ?

After a chat with Patri, I was just wondering if publishers, somewhere in this amazing world have had the courage to publish a book about scannography. I see that sometimes books use scannography for their image content (more and more when flowers or plants are concerned). I also see that sometimes books about new technics of capturing images or processing images, have a chapter that gives a place to our technic. But how many books are now devoted to scannography.
Being in France, I may miss lots of things that happen in the rest of the world, so if you can share your knowledge.
By the way, we have a page called "bibliography" on the site and it may need an update.

So please send me whatever book you know that is a real scannography book…

Sunday 2 January 2011

A happy New Scanning Year

All the best to everyone taking a look on these pages


Monday 1 November 2010

gardening photo contest

A scannography contest on a Gardening site. A bit late to present this but I wasn't aware of it earlier. Anyway, it's nice to see that scannography becomes used by everyone. This contest is a good example of that.

"Gardening Gone Wild" is a blog about gardens (did I figure that out by myself ?). They organize photo contests regularly. October theme was scannography.

The contest results are presented here, and you will see it's classical flower scanns but some very nice pictures amongst them.



Let's hope other scanography contests wil take place everywhere…

Monday 4 January 2010

A happy new scannographic year !!!

All the best to all artists on the site and to all the visitors passing here.


For info: the image is composed of 2 scanns, one of plastic protective film and one of a dried pepper fruit

Sunday 20 September 2009

Why can't we be more recognized ?

It seems scannography doesn't make it to bigger medias.
And if it does it is considered as strange photographic technic. I have this feeling that this is essentially due to what we are. I mean we mostly (the big part of us scannographers) are working at home, taking pictures of little things from our near environment. We don't take pictures from things that concern the others. So why should they be interested ? Photography is different, you show things to people that concerns them, so they look at a kind of mirror of themselves.
We only propose a look at what WE are.
In a certain way scannography is much more an artistic way of working then photography is…

So, if we want our works to be seen, we have, I think, to stick together, try to push things together… Give us your feelings about this, write some comments, share ideas… Long live scannography!

Saturday 14 March 2009

A discussion forum for us, scannographers

A forum where we can share ideas in a simple way… Wasn't that what we all were waiting for? This is due to Pierre Jarlan, he did the big work, and made this possible. I wouldn't even thought that was realisable for me. Pierre isn't only a unique person and scannographer, he is also a good user and creator of websites, and above all an excellent photographer. So I advice you all to take a look at his own website, it's full of nformations and superb pictures. So he did the forum for us all, thank him for that.


I hope you will all try the forum out. All your ideas you sent to me, please rewrite them on the forum, so everyone can react and read and share, and answer. All the news you can bring for the exhibition will be welcomed here…

Thursday 4 December 2008

commercial works…

This month I had to illustrate some packagings for organic food.

As I wanted something realastic and simple, as I had just seeds to put on the label, I thought "let's do a scannography". Here under the result for two of them:


I asked around if some other people used scannography to illustrate commercial works. Ellen Hoverkamp sent me two images and the cover of the book where they were used :

Here are Ellen's explanations about that work :
"Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the largest casinos in America.  It is located on Native American land, owned by the Mohegan Indian Tribe, in Uncasville, CT.   The cookbook was a project that brought harmony and pride to both the Casino corporation and the Mohegan Tribe. Here are the endsheet design, planned to fold in the center of the double page spread. The first endsheets, is meant to fold on the fern. The composition is a tribute to the tribe, which is related to the Woodland Indians. The crabs and clams are included to relate to aquaculture, which has always been important since the tribe is also located near the shore on the CT, Rhode Island border. The last end sheet (file name cornlecto) was mostly a tribute to a traditional mainstay of the Mohegan diet, Succotash, which is made from squash, beans and corn, mostly. These three foods were also planted together as a traditional sustainable farming technique. I worked on this project July of 2004. The cookbook was published in 2005.''
The book can be found on storesonline.

Saturday 29 November 2008

A common exibition ?

Pierre Jarlan, one of our artists on proposes a very nice idea for all of us…
We could find a place where we could do a common exhibition of scannography. Pierre thinks of Paris, but if someone knows a better place or has already contacts somewhere, or knows a gallery… it's a new idea we could all think of because we could all gain of it.

Pierre also thought about having a common theme for this exhibition, like "everyone empties his pockets and scanns what he (or she) founds in them".
I like this idea a lot because as we are from everywhere on the planet, this coud reveal very interesting differences !!


I hope this idea will make you react and I hope to read some comments and messages. Let me know if you are interested. So we could start an working on such a project.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Le "Blog Photo Scope"

The french "Blog Photo Scope" presents the "" site

The superb french site has given us the opportunity to give information about scannography. This site talks about any interesting domain of photography and presents artists and galleries… The main site has a lot of entries getting in the photographic domains through different aspects. Even if you don't read french there are some superb galleries to visit and discover french artists… Vincent is working hard on this site and it deserves success.

Saturday 30 August 2008

Wikipedia - finally a good result

Thanks to Scot Alexander, the scannography page on Wikipedia looks great now !

Finally we arrive on a consistent page. This is an encyclopedical article, well structured, with references, and keeping a minimum external links. Scot Alexander rewrote the whole article based on Patri's first researches and thanks to her help in searching bibliographical sources. Scot Alexander added a lot of elements and enriched the whole.


The only thing missing now, in my opinion, are some good examples of images.
To add such images, they have to be added in Wikipedia's Creative Commons. That means that you allow anybody to use this image you uploaded there, without having to pay any rights to you. You remain the author but allow the image to be reused in any possible manner. So if some amongst you are ready to do so, I think that would help improve the article. Scot added one of my images I gave out there. I'm now working on a french translation of Scot's article…

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Rodolphe Gombergh : medical scannography can lead to Art…

…but is this still what we call scannography ?

Somewhere between medical imagery and artistic research, Rodolphe Gombergh proposed 2006 an exhibition called "transparent women" (festival @rt outsiders). Sophisticated technology allows him to show us the inside of human bodies without having to introduce camera in them. The radiologist uses medical scanners to obtain these images…

Rodolphe Gombergh

This is Art for sure, medical maybe but is it scannography ? What do you think ?

And to have an animated view of Rodolphe's Art go to this page. It can seem deranging, strange, weird but there is beauty here and also an other way to see ourselves !!!

Monday 14 July 2008

Scannography on Wikipedia

We got problems on Wikipedia.

Patri composed a simple but objective and complete definition of "scannography". She added a list of links to give examples of what could be done with this media.
It looked like this then :

Wikipedia: old scanography definition

After that somebody interfered. He is signing "Freshacconci" . He deleted all the links and signaled the page as being not neutral, containing unverifiable claims, etc.

It then looked like this :
Wikipedia: actual scanography definition

I finally reintroduced some links to have this :
Wikipedia: actual scanography definition

The problem now remains that we have this signalization above that indicates this page has almost no credibility. So if someone knows how to change this, please let us know. I tried to contact Mr. Freshacconci but he doesn't answer. He just took the time to bring up problems and now he leaves us with them. I personnally find this really incorrect but what can we do ?