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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Werner Abel's book

It's a superb object with a perfect layout and wonderful images.

Finally the book has passed frontiers. And it's worth having it in hand. Werner did a great job trying to explain what scannography is and how to practice it. Well the book is in german but it's worth having it in hand because it shows on paper what we all knew: the quality of the images.


The publisher added a few artists (jeff Mihalyo, Patri Feher, Jaime Ruas, Hercilia Lopes and more) at the end of the book to give a larger view and opening to the world of Scan-Art. For those interested you can order the book here. It's really worth the price. And it needs support.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Scanning outside : Thomas W McDonnell

Taking pictures of the outside world with a simple scanner can seem to be a strange idea. Thomas W McDonnell got from the idea to its realisation. With incredible results

So here we are in face of the first landscapes taken directly with a scanner. I except here Jeff Mihalyo's work, who has been the only one, on our site, realizing pictures with a real depth of field.
Thomas has taken out his scanner to capture real life, moving it around while it processes, putting it on his car while driving, scanning conversations with people. The result is really amazing, opening once more new fields for scannography.


Once again I hope you will all see his page. His work is really impressive. There is not much more to add, the pictures speak for themselves. From a personal point of view, I just want to say that I find lot of feelings in these images, a kind of sense of story-telling, a humanity that is often missing in scannographers works.
His large images have obliged me to create a special second page for him. A feature we can, maybe replace in the future. The images on the blog are less impressive so please click to see his larger works and you can also visit his Flick'r gallery.


And leave comments please (it takes a few seconds to write down just a few words : do it !!! It's a pleasure for me and for the artists concerned…)

Wednesday 1 October 2008

A new writer on our blog

Do I need to present Jeff Mihalyo ?

He is already the writer of an excellent technical page on the main site. And I have presented his work here on the blog.

jeff's scann
One of Jeff's scann
Incredible technician, but also wonderful artist, Jeff isn't only a great and original scannographer, he is also a painter and illustrator carrying a magic and poetic world in his perfect images. Go and see his personal website, it really deserves a few minutes to dive in a complete new universe.

Here are two examples of his Art:

eiffels holiday
Eiffels holiday

Thursday 7 August 2008

The 3-pass scanners used by Jeff Mihalyo

Jeff is the artist of the week on He presents also his method of creating his unconventional images. As you can see these are very special moods and constructions for scannographies…

Here is Jeff's installation : setup

Here is the result with the installation above

You can see his whole explanations here.

Jeff is a professional artist and software interface designer. After studying fine art at Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles he returned to his native Seattle to work in Microsoft‘s multimedia division. While working with the MSN interface team, he developed a variety flatbed scanning techniques that broke with conventional methods. Go and see his creations on the main site but don't forget there, to jump to his own site