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Friday 25 September 2015

Elle Hoverkamp in the magazines

It's always good news to see scannography in the medias. Elle Hoverkamp is not (until now) participating on our site, but she is practicing scannography since the early years.

Recently magazines took interest in her work and some even took some to create fabulous covers.

Take a look on Ellen's website, it's always interesting.

Friday 11 September 2015

2 new artists on the scannography site

Again months have past. So if you go to this blog you always see the same news, sorry. Now I have lots of things to say about scannography but don't give myself enough time to do so. But first I want to present you two new artists I added on our main site.

Kate Cosgrove has been added in july. Her scanns are dark but very poetic in the same time. She is a student in graphic design and her art reflects a sensible view of things and nature.



Marina Shumakova, has been added in september. She is a russian photographer and teaches theory and history of Art at the Chelyabinsk State University. Her images play with abstraction, textures, colors and movements due to the scanner. The result is original and strong and motivating.



I must admit I'm proud to present such talented people on my website and that's what keeps me going on. This and the success of the site where more and more visitors get infos…

I'll try to give some other news here next week. Keep in touch

Thursday 12 March 2015

Some news from the site

Hello everybody.

I'm sorry I didn't post anything here since a few months. In the mean time two new artists have appeared on the main site.
I just give you their names here. Please go the site and take a look, there are some great images there.

The first was Kelly Keltos who plays with fragmented images and movement while scanning :
The second is Robert Haspel, who uses transparency in a very subtle manner.

I hope to give news more often in the future.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Sonja is playing with dolls

Sonja Beskin-Mesher is our new member on the scannography site. Sonja is a complete artist : painting, drawing, writing. She proposes a serie of scanns with dolls for theme. She says : “Dolls have been used in role play in childhood and in the adult world for centuries. Research has proved that inanimate objects still provoke feeling and reaction.” 2013-08-01-14-29-24.jpg

Her images are strong and yet pleasant to look at. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did. bound.jpg

Saturday 28 June 2014

Olga Guerra plays with strange moods

Our new fellow artist on our main site presents very strange composition. She seems to like subtle moods that gives a kind of thrill to the viewer. Playing with toys and plastic objects, she composes pictures that seem to be innocent, but what is behind all this ? Take a look and make your own opinion on Olga's new page.


Sunday 2 March 2014

A new artist on Emily Bree Richards

Emily Bree Richards is a young british artist who plays with faces, flower and emotions…
Emily, in a style that comes close to Liz Atkins (another british scannographer), is creating superb portraits with strong color moods and she also uses the movements in her creations.
A kind of sweet and sometimes dark nostalgia emanates from her images, and she is touching directly our feelings.
Strange and beautiful in the same time, her works have to be seen…



Chad Kleitsch on Copyright Alliance's Podcast

One of our fellow artists is presented on Copyright Alliance's Podcasts (click here to visualize the interview in iTunes). Chad Kleitsch is amongst us since 4 years and his work is getting forward as a photographer and as a scannographer. In this video interview he explains what creating an image means for him. A really interesting interview, profound, sensitive and full of beauty…


Saturday 28 December 2013

A question from Debb VanDelinder about special use of scanners

I received this mail from Debb. She, and I, hopes that someone can answer her question :

I'm wondering if you or anyone in the scanography site might know where I can get a scanner that either works in an upside down position or how or modify a scanner for inverted use? I'd really like to make some images in this position but my scanner doesn't work if I flip it. I read that their are modified scanners for use in heb scanning but can't come up with how they did this. Thanks for any direction you might be able to provide. I really need to figure this out. I have a couple of older scanners I could hack if someone has some clear directions. Of course if someone would just sell a reasonably priced version that would be optimal.

Debb VanDelinder


Thursday 26 December 2013

Ronis Furquim; an active brazilian scannographer

Ronis Furquim is a scannographer playing with object and light.

In a similar way to his fellow countrywoman, Hercilia Lopes, Ronis creates superb images on basse of strange objects and things he founds around him. 09_scarab.jpg

He is very active and seems to search new ways to express himself. The world around him is like an open book in which he picks and rearrange. Take a look at his page and discover his fine arts.


Wednesday 18 September 2013

Still life by Christine Page

Christine Page is offering us beautiful colors and harmonies in her still life captures. Beauty seems to be the main purpose here, added to a great sense of color harmonies and textures. It's classical and original in the same time.
Her flowers are completed with symbolic elements that give a special charm and romantic mood to her creations. Take a look, it's really superb.



Saturday 24 August 2013

Scannography on Facebook

I finally created a page on Facebook. There is nothing on it for the moment but I hope it may be easier to publish there that here on the blog. So I invite you all to share your news there, it's open to everyone and I hope it will be appreciated.
Here is the link to it, share it ! use it !


By the way if you want to be kept informed of all activities here and on the site, please write me an email and I add you to my contacts.

Monday 12 August 2013

Random as part of Art : Danilo D'Alessio

Our new artist, Danilo D'Alessio, didn't propose much pictures but his method is a wonderfull one to follow.

This method, as he says, a tribute to Tristan Tzara (the Dada movement), is interesting because you know surprises will emerge. Take a look on his page to see it explained there. Some of the images (we would like to see a few more in fact) are just strange and superb.

Red Noise

Have fun and don't forget to spread the word.

Friday 28 June 2013

Irina Yanikova

Beautiful new pictures on the site.

Irina Yanikova proposes beautiful scannography compositions. There is something fresh and original in her works. She touches a few domains and themes, mixing objects, flowers, and all sorts of elements to create her own vision of things. There is a very poetic mood in her creations and I hope you will like them as I did.


Sunday 9 June 2013

Call for informations

As you can all see I don't write a lot on this blog since a few months now. But I will soon be back more actively, I promise.

So if any amongst you is interested, finds interesting things, has something to say about scannography, the blog is open for you. I sometimes get informations but they are not prepared and as I have little time I don't use them (shame on me !).

So if you want things to appear on the blog, write the text exactly as it has to appear here, without enriching it. Prepare also the images on the right size (410 pixels large).

This site needs a bit of help. Please join in, jump, write, express yourself !!

See you soon… and read you soon I hope !

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Giang Nguyen Hoang - An artist from VietNam

It's been a while since I last wrote here !


A shame because I presented Giang Nguyen Hoang on the main scannography site last month. And he is an exceptionnel scannographer. Dark, strange, intriguing, theses images are really appealing. I invite you to visit his page where he mixes radiographies with scannographies. And I implore you (!!) to scroll down his page till the bottom, you have a little surprise at the end that will show another side of the possibilities of this medium and of Giang's skills.


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Flowers and objects : almost classic scannography with a particular point of view

Jan O'Highway seems to be almost a classic scannographer…

…but the way she lays her compositions on the flatbed scanner is rather original. In a way, she is telling us stories. She uses frames to show images within the main frame.
Like in comics she plays with the juxtaposition between things to create emotions. Blur, harsh colors, nice compositions do the rest. Take a look on her page…


Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ceramic sculpture by Verity Newman and Jan O'Highway's large-format scanner-photographs

VANITAS, October 28 - Nov 3rd 2012, at Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes, Devon UK

Timed to coincide with Halloween, All Saints and Sanheim - when the veil between the worlds is thin- this exhibition takes as a starting point the idea of Vanitas, a genre that portrays the luscious delights available to us in life, juxtaposed with symbols, such as skulls, flowers or time-pieces, pointing to the ephemeral fact of our existence. The work of Totnesian multi-media artists Verity Newman and Jan O'Highway examines the fleeting nature of life with work ranging from ceramic sculptures based on the Mexican day of the Dead to the dreamlike imagery of large-format scanner-photography prints. In the process the artists cast an eye on the beauty existing in death, and indeed, the vanity and folly of our precarious existence.

A tour of the exhibition can be seen on flickr -





Back on the board with Mary-Jo Fulton

We are still alive ! I was much too busy in the last months but scannography;org is stll alive (and kicking ?!) Today I present you Marie-Jo Fulton. She plays with portraits and hands and creates superb images. I hope you will take a look at them.


As I'm very busy these days I would appreciate if any amongst the readers of the blog wants to publish on it. It's easy : just send me your text and images through email, I'll do the rest

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Classic but with a nostalgic mood: Clare West

It's been a while since my last post. I'm sorry about this.

Our new artist on the site is an english photographer called Clare West. Her images can seem very classic but in the same time there is a very special flavour in them. A kind of nostalgia, something we find in the early photographies of the 19th century. Textures, colors, mood, everything seems to be diluted by the time machine !
I'm glad to count her amongst us !

Enjoy and leave some comments please…



Sunday 15 January 2012

A new book in english ?

That is the project Mitos tries to put together.

Trying to create a book about scannography is what we all want to see happen.
Here is an opportunity to see this happen: Mitos, in Santa Maria, California, is tryng to found the energy, money and good wills to create it. So this is an appeal to everyone interested.
Just go to this link and read how this works and how you can join in.

I hope Mitos will find the people and the help she needs.


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